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I promised ya news tonight and news you’re gonna get. Keep in mind I worked a full shift at job #2 and I am currently under the influence of many, many over the counter medications – so my head’s a bit fuzzy, and it’s a tad later than I’d like. Time is no one’s friend. Blech. At any rate, for starters here’s a reason Mondays will suck considerably less: Free TV. Free’s never bad, but this time you’re getting something awesome free. KoldCast TV is debuting The Book of Dallas this Monday, September 17. Let’s have a look:

Official Plot right here: Dallas McKay is your average 20-something newspaper reporter: Single, liberal, and unabashedly atheist. When a truck smacks into him in a bar parking lot, he wakes up in Heaven and – after uttering a few choice profanities – finds himself face-to-face with the God he doesn’t believe exists. But God isn’t out for vengeance; He’s concerned that His message has been lost in a swarm of religious zealotry, and sends Dallas back to Earth to write and sell a new, improved religious text.

Starring people such as: Benjamin Crockett, Clay Evans, Jeanne Whitney, Kevin Roach, Rusty James, Kristine Renee Farley, David Ross, and Julie Hernandez Seaton

Directed by: Joe Atkinson, Jakob Bilinski, Marx H. Pyle

Writerly duties: Joe Atkinson

This looks like a funny and honest look at religion, you can watch it for free, and…did I mention it looks hilarious? I never tire of religious debate, and this looks to be very thoughtful and snarky in that warm and fuzzy way. Tune in the day after tomorrow for the series’ debut. Because not everything centering around the church has to be mayhem or stodgy as all hell. This show’s got a lot of wonderful people behind it, and a lot of heart. We usually prefer our comedy pitch black and covered in bees, but for once, something a little more lighthearted is welcomed.

Info: or

In other news, mad genius Christopher Miller is hard at work on a post-apocalyptic science fiction effort, tentatively titled The Forbidden Dimensions. Life after the end of civilization never gets old for Cinemaglob. Exclusivity right here:

Cast: Kyle Morris (2012:Ice Age/Savaged/Reel Evil)
Carl Crew (Blood Diner/Dahmer: the Secret Life)
Todd Brown (returns as Detective Giger from Carrion-although this is in no way related to that movie)
Cinematographer Robert Leroy Diaz (Countdown to Zero/Crime Scene X)
Makeup FX designed by Dean Jones (Pirates of the Caribbean 4/Oz: the Great and Powerful)
Executive Producer Warren Abbott
Basic Plot outline: Jack Slade was one of four children born during a solar eclipse in the year 1980. 18 years later, he’s found out he has the ability to travel into the future. He projects himself into the year 2035, where society has been destroyed by a fascist regiment of a new world order and now psychopathic doctors rule the wastelands creating deformed mutants that terrorize the citizens of this fallen empire. The only hope for this doomed
planet, is for Slade to travel back to the year 1998 and destroy a device known as the wavelength generator. With the help of an army of female outlaws, Slader re-connects with the star child Khadijah, who holds the key to stopping these tragic events from ever taking place.
Run time: 90 min/color

This looks like it’s shaping up to be something awesome – gotta hand it to Razorwire for consistency. Don’t believe me? FINE. See for yourself, cheese!

Phew. For a second there things got all normalized. That’s better. The Forbidden Dimensions is coming soon, and it looks like some serious sci-fi damage.

Ok, so we’ve got a new look at religion, and then a new look at what happens with salvation absentia. Excellent. You should be excited, and check out both. As for me, I’m going to relax and measure exactly how much more Nyquil it’s going to take before I can taste colors. ZOoOooooOOm.

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