Razorwire Pictures Show Off Their Second Self

If you aren’t familiar with Razorwire Pictures or their brilliantly demented 2010 film Ironhorse, then leave Cinemaglob immediately, not in shame, but to wrap your mind around your own copy. Ironhorse was Monty Python meets Evil Dead on whip its, an instant classic of mayhem and hyperkinetic visuals done with a razor sharp wit and humor to match, no pun intended. They may not have had much budget, but their creativity and resourcefulness was over the top. Tasty freaks indeed. Next up, we have Second Self, a story of a filmmaker, a mysterious box, a doppleganger, and what looks to be more bizarre laughs and effects to make your skin crawl and jaw hurt. Chris J. Miller and crew, Cinemaglob salutes you, and we can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store. Trailer after the jump!


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